Dungeon Dweller Monsters

We have 7 types of monsters in the game. Each one has their own theme or style. Here’s some of the monsters artwork and abilities.  More to be added soon.

Monster Class: Humanoids

Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, all fall into this class. Make sure you have some kind of protection before going up against these creatures or you will find your health quickly depleted. These creatures can do a lot of damage, but in small amounts; so any character with natural protection or cards that add to base protection, will be more effective than armor. Believe it or not, these are some of the easier monsters.

Monster Class: Spiders
These creatures are fast and dangerous. Most of them attack first, preventing you from using abilities to reduce damage. Attacking first, they cause damage, regardless of your method of return attack. Even if you decide to attack another monster, the spiders will still attack  during the Player phase of action. So, a good strategy is to take them out first, to avoid additional damage each turn!
Monster Class: Demons
Monstrosities from down under and I don’t mean Australia. The Demon class do a lot of Special damage and Ranged Damage. 3rd Level monsters are some of the toughest there are. Deal with them quickly or you may find the party losing health each turn.
Monster Class: Undead
The undead are magical in nature and can really be difficult to deal with. Some of the nastier undead will even take away experience or even abilities gained. They have debilitating abilities and should be approached with great caution. The Cleric can have some advantages over these creatures and with the right cards can do some really good damage.
Monster Class: Aberration
These misfits cover a wide range of monsters.  You have fliers, scavengers, and everything in the middle.  Don’t get caught unprepared against these creatures. This hodge podge of monsters can regenerate, cause items to disappear, and make adventuring a living nightmare.  One of our personal favorites is the Blink Dog, pictured below.  This monster only takes half damage from weapon attacks which makes it harder to destroy.
Monster Class: DragonsThe Dragons are a fierce lot, usually causing great damage and have a lot of health. The more players in the game, the harder these creatures are to kill, it’s best to deal as much damage to them per turn as possible and destroy them before they whittle down your protection and health.  They can deal out more damage than any other monster but may also have perks for the player that kills them.

Red Dragon

Monster Class: Elementals

Elementals conjure up natures forces and reduces the damage that you can do against them. These monster take a lot more to destroy but with a little ingenuity you can get through their defenses. Use abilities that cause a lot of damage and rely just on your weapons against these guys and you may have a fighting chance.


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