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Q-01: What do we do if we receive an Ability Card (or card) we already have in Play. Do we set it aside, or discard it and draw a new card?

A: Place it face down in your Play Area. These cards can be used the same as face down Treasure Cards; see

Treasure Phase and Treasures in Play sections, page 9.

Discard two (2) Treasures  to collect any card in the Discard Pile as a Treasure,

Discard one (1) Treasure and exchange five (5) Experience Tokens to collect any card in the Discard Pile as a Treasure,

Discard one (1) Treasure, at any time, to equal the use of two (2) Energy cards.

Q-02: When drawing an Exploration or Monster card that makes you discard Energy, do you still have to discard when the Energy Deck is empty and you have face down Treasures or Items to acquire Energy?

A: No. The Treasure Card you have “CAN BE” used as Energy, but is not part of your Energy Deck since this is still considered a Treasure it’s not Energy.

Q-03: The “Gain Health” card says you should increase the current maximum Health by four (4) points. Is maximum Health your Starting Health; e.g. Ten (10)?

A: Each “Gain Health” card is a permanent increase to the Hero’s Starting Health, see Hero Cards section for more on Starting Health, page 2. For example, if you started at 10, you would now have 14. A second card would bring you to 18 Health. In addition, each card Heals four (4) points of Health up to the new Health maximum.

Q-04: The “Refreshing Potion” card seems way to strong, since once you use it, it keeps coming back to you, and you will never run out of cards. Is this right?

A: The “Refreshing Potion” gets placed on the bottom of your Energy Deck once used. Therefore, you will need to go through ALL of your Energy Deck to recover it again.

Q-05: So how exactly does Armor work? For example, does “Dark Leather(rogue) block six (6) points of Ranged Damage AND six (6) points of Melee Damage?

A: The Armor value is a total amount of Damage it can block against the Defenses listed. This value can be split. For example, “Dark Leathercan block six (6) total points of Damage to Ranged and/or Melee. Use a die (D10) to track the reduced (i.e. current) Armor value after blocking Damage.

Q-06: Does a Hero’s natural Defense value(s) decrease the same way as Armor?

A: No. A Hero’s Natural Defense values (Special, Ranged, and Melee) are normally permanent and unaffected, unless stated otherwise. See Hero Cards section, page 2.

Q-07: Do Heroes have their own or shared Turn Sequence?

A: One Hero completes a Turn Sequence before the next Hero acts. However, other Heroes may have an Ability or Action that could be used during another Hero’s Turn. The Treasure Phase is the only phase where ALL Heroes can participate.


Q-01: Does the Boss Monster attack every turn?

A: Boss Monsters attack the same as Regular Monsters. They will attack after the Active Hero during the

Monster Phase if Damage is caused to the Monster.

Q-02: Does the “Undead Dragon” attack if a Hero rolls a 9 or 0?

A: The Undead Dragon does not attack the Active Hero on a roll of 9 or 0 if the Active Hero did not cause any Damage to it.

Q-03: Do Monster Abilities in red trigger every turn even if you do not hit them?

A: Only Monsters with “Start of Turn” or “Hero Phase” attack regardless of whether a Hero caused Damage to them or not. The text in red indicates what Phase that Ability is activated in.

Q-04: Monsters that state ‘Attacks First’ – does this mean that they attack each turn no matter if you decide to attack them?

A: Yes. This is a Special Attack Phase that the Monsters get to attack before a Hero can respond; see Start of Turn section, page 7.

Q-05: If a Monster is dealt Damage on a Hero’s turn by a different Hero do they attack all Heroes that dealt Damage to them? For example, Holy Water causes 1 point (or 2) of Damage to each Monster revealed on the start of another Hero’s Turn Sequence. Does it attack the priest?

A: A Monster will only attack the Active Hero if THEY caused Damage to the Monster. Any other Damage from another Hero during the Active Hero’s Turn Sequence does not cause the Monster to attack the Active Hero.

Q-06: If a Monster has the Ability to attack with Melee, Ranged, and Special – how do we decide which attack the monster attacks with?

A: Monsters attack with ALL available attacks. The only time a Monster will not attack with all of them is when the Hero uses Ranged attacks ONLY. The Hero will avoid Melee Damage from the Monster in this instance.

Q-07: When the Damage inflicted by a Monster is halved for an odd amount, should it round up or down?

A: Round down.

Q-08: Kobolds are a pair of Monsters. You can only Weapon attack one (1) of them per Turn Sequence and the Damage does not carry through to the next. The person that kills the second one gets the card for Gold. Correct?

A: Yes.

Q-09: The Giant Bat cannot be hurt by Melee Weapons. Does this include “Strength Potions” or other Items and/or Abilities that increase or do Melee Damage?

A: Since “Strength Potions” are NOT Melee Weapons, you can use your potion. Items or Abilities that directly contribute to a Melee Weapon cannot be used; i.e. key word being “Melee Weapon.” Even though it is thematically awkward, “Strength Potions” can be used as a Non-Melee Attack.


Q-01: How is Experience gained?

A: Experience is collected by causing Damage to Monsters, or by performing Abilities, such as Heal. Each point of Damage a Hero does to a Monster is collected from the Monster’s Health and placed by the Active Hero as Experience. Abilities that gain Experience are taken from the Common Pool and placed by the Active Hero.

Q-02: Can you spend Experience to Heal?

A: No. You can only Heal using Energy cards, Items, or Abilities.

Gold Cards

Q-01: If a Gold Card tells you to gain a Treasure Card from your Discard Pile, can I pick any discarded Energy card as a Treasure?

A: Yes.



Heroics: Any Damage that can be absorbed by Natural Defense and Armor can be used when applying Heroics to another Hero’s Damage.


Disable Traps: Can be used during ANY Exploration Phase.

      Mimic: When using this card you cannot use your own Abilities, Armor, or Weapons.

Scry: This is not a FREE Treasure cared. The Mage must be able to draw a card by obtaining a Treasure in the normal methods. The Mage may only Scry once per Treasure Phase.


Cure Serious Wounds:

Heal (points)

Experience Tokens (gained)










Rogue’s Pick Pocket” Ability should read:

Treasure Phase: Choose one (1) of your Gold Cards. Randomly select a card from another Hero’s Gold Pile or from the Gold Deck. Keep the higher amount and return the lower.

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